The Adventure Time house in Fitzroy
Luna Night Market

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These are my favorite opals. Don’t they look like hatching dragon eggs? My mom has a bunch, but we went into an opal store and they had cases and cases of them. It looked like an incubator lol


Nam June Paik, Untitled, Newspaper drawing, 1990s.


The ceilings at Versailles today

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"Their intelligence. Elephants understand that ivory is the reason they’re being killed. There are very, very few big bulls with big ivory left in the world, and the two or three still in Tsavo have become nocturnal. I’ve seen a bull with big tusks by the road turn his back, trying to hide the ivory."


What’s the biggest misconception people have about elephants?

Daphne Sheldrick, interview in TIME Magazine, June 4, 2012

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The more I watch the funnier it gets

"Through the fire and through the flames
You won’t even say your name
Only I am that I am” (x)

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